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Create your own F1 Team for the first time

Adding to the wide range of series collection of one of the most renowned racing games in the world, F1 2020 was released by its founding developer, Codemasters. The huge revolution in this installment is it just doesn’t allow you to simply be a car racer driver like it did in previous F1 versions but it offers a more in-depth driver-manager dynamic through My Team mode—which enables you to follow in the footsteps of Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham—renowned Formula One car racing driver and manager.

My Team mode increases engagement

What sets My Team mode apart from past F1 career modes is that allows you to go on the depths of driver-manager dynamic and build a brand new team that effectively becomes the 11th team within the F1 championship. Under this game mode, you’ll be able to personally customize your 10-year career mode by choosing team colors, assembling a logo, signing a power unit, securing sponsors, and contracting a driver-partner.

You can also watch your finances as you attempt to grow your organization into a team that can go up against the established powerhouses. This game mode allows you to create and choose your driver out of the 48 heads that they offer—seven of these options being female. Once you’ve decided, you’ll be able to start creating your team.

You can also choose your season length, plan your training weeks, improve your team’s car, coach teammates, and so forth. You can even pick the level of difficulty you prefer to experience and before you begin fiddling with your setup, you will be trained in the art of diplomacy and slated into the first of many interviews—something that really makes the F1 experience more authentic.

Best among the rest

The return of split-screen racing hugely added to the reason why this game version is the best among its predecessors. It provides a new steering assist and a more accessible racing experience that you can definitely enjoy along with your friends and family. Moreover, its endless suite of options available that can be tailored based on your preferences makes this game much easier to pick up and play than the previous releases.

You will immediately feel like you are a professional driver even in just a minute of playing this racing game, as its user interface looks smart and serious. F1 2020 takes on a televised program vibe wherein you’ll feel like you are at the heart of the action—even when you’re not on the track. On top of that, the driving experience that this car racing game presents is unparalleled that you will really sense the touch of wind in your face whenever you are in the race.

Most engaging and comprehensive F1 series

It can be considerably said that F1 2020 is the most in-depth, accessible, and engaging F1 game series so far in its history. It is very evident with the game modes, features, and performance that this installment exhibits. Furthermore, no serious issues can also be addressed with version—if there is, it’s only minimal and can easily be passed, especially with the notable driving and team management experience that it can provide.


  • Added My Team mode
  • Returned split-screen racing
  • Highly-customizable game options
  • Unparalleled driving game experience


  • On-track strategy changes
  • Steering wheels tweaks


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